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James Skeen

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I Forgave You Yesterday


What happens when Mormon culture, church teachings and personal inspiration don't align?


A Latter-Day-Saint Trapped in a Mormon's Body, a new book by James Skeen, explores this increasing phenomenon with candor and fresh insight.

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A Latter Day Saint Trapped In A Mormon's Body - Sneak Peak Audio ExcerptJames Skeen
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I Forgave You Yesterday 

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Receiving Christ's Atonement Daily

Jesus understands our propensity to define ourselves as our weaknesses and shortcomings. It is through His Atonement that we are able to be liberated from those definitions. Our Savior has conquered the world of regret (the past) and He has triumphed over the world of fear (the future). I Forgave You Yesterday combines gospel principles and counseling methods to explore how we can re-align ourselves to the present and become whole again; not fragmented across time serving past regrets and future anxieties, but present with ourselves, our loved ones and our Father in Heaven through Christ and His atonement, now.

Beginning Its 2nd Printing Soon! 


Mark Hopkins

Author, Entrepreneur & Founder of

Crescendo Capital

“I’ve known and appreciated James’ unique insight for over twenty years. He gets people and human nature, and he gets what Jesus wants for us. James uses his unique insight and the stories of everyday people to illuminate a simple path to peace and fulfillment.”

Dr. Taylor Hartman 

Psychologist and Author of The People Code & The Character Code

 "This book will free you with its common sense approach for how to embrace the atonement and let go of anxiety and depression.  The solid principles of I Forgave You Yesterday will free you to live more abundantly today.  It will resonate with anyone who seeks truth and is interested in positive solutions to real life problems."

Dr. Skip Barber 

Psychologist & Professor

"It has been a great pleasure to know James Skeen for many years. He has taken examples from his own life and stories from his practice to guide his readers in examining what it means to become whole.  Life is messy and James uses real life examples to guide his readers to deduce their dependence on destructive tension relieving behaviors and to live in the now.  His discussion of the difference between shame and guilt was practical and enlightening.  I was envious of his wisdom when he shared with his client regarding interacting with the critical judgements his client was voicing internally that “you were not created to serve the voice, the voice was created to serve you.”  The Creator’s design for us is to grow and thrive.  James insights will assist those struggling with their lives to find the life our loving God intends for them."


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If you asked James what his long-term goal is, he would tell you it is the reconciliation of the family of man.  James has degrees in economics and marketing and a masters in behavioral science counseling. He is a licensed professional counselor, college professor and has served as a bishop and seminary teacher for many years. For James, the concept of I Forgave You Yesterday became a reality while hiking and camping alone in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in the summer of 2010. It may have been the clear air or the sparkling night sky that helped him to see the human struggle more clearly than he had ever seen it before, but as James drove home from his wilderness experience, he knew that Christ’s Atonement was more than just a reaction to sin- it was the way to being present in life again and becoming whole, now. James has been married to his wife, Brenda, for thirty-three years. They have three children and live in Loveland, Colorado. He still loves to hike in the Rocky Mountains with his llamas and is grateful for the blessing of family, friends, and the gospel every day.



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