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Deep Gratitude To:

Cedar Fort Publishing

Kathryn Watkins

Thank you Cedar Fort Publishing and Kathryn Watkins for reading my manuscript and seeing value in the words

Laura E. Hilton

Author, Writer & Friend

Thank you Laura for your writing skill, your creativity, your input and support. You are a great writer and friend



Thank you Daniel for designing my website and helping to capture the essence of I Forgave You Yesterday

Sarajoy Pond

Friend, Author & Entrepreneur

Thank you Sarajoy for helping me to see value in my idea and adding your invaluable suggestions

Family & Friends

No One Does It Alone

Thank you family & friends for loving, supporting, listening, tolerating and encouraging me

uopx-logo-white-rededited 300.jpg

University of Phoenix

MS Counseling

Thank  you University of Phoenix for an excellent Behavioral Science program and preparing me to write this book

Utah State University 

BS Marketing & Econ Minor

Thank you Utah State University for teaching me how to learn and creating a thirst for knowledge

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